Could someone point me to some great ionic apps



I want to be able to show some examples of great apps built on ionic. The framework (and angular) is very capable of this but unforunately the apps shown on showcase.ionicframework tend to be pretty weak. They either have very little design put into them or are extremely simplistic.

So does anyone have a few apps that really show the best of what ionic can acheive? That is very good design, feels native, responsive and snappy and is a reasonably large/successful app.




Hi mhartington, thanks for that but as I said in the post the example ones I’ve seen on there (I installed about a dozen) tended to be quite weak. I was hoping for a ‘best of’ the showcase that would be worth showing off to clients as truly great examples of ionic.


Ah alright. Well I personally am a fan of Sworkit, Keychain, Chef Step, and FitRPG. To me they are best of the best. They take the ionic css, make their own theme for their needs, and are pretty performant about how they load content.


Ahh brilliant, Sworkit seems like a great example (I’ll checkout the rest later). Thanks!


I’d like to think that is pretty solid. Check it out.


I just publish the app I worked on for 2 month :

It would be great to have your feedback on it (design, fluidity…).
Unfortunatly, it’s only in french…