More UI components needed

Hey Ionic guys, seems supports more UI components than Ionic. I’ve seen many liking framework7 due to the performance and having more UI components available.

Can we add more UI components to Ionic? or is it currently on the roadmap?


I think this will be the perfect fusion. Honestly, DOM 7 works more performant than Ionic for UI components. Also it has a far larger component library, better component configuration and API. However Ionic is un-replaceable for its ecosystem and CLI.

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What exactly does framework7 have that is missing from Ionic?

Hi Sujan12,
i founded in framework7 they have pull-to refresh component in android mode,
but in Ionic only have ios mode, and it’s lag.
Can ionic team add android mode to pullToRefresh ?

or can i integrate framework7 to ionic ?
is it possible?

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I am also looking for the same. have you any way

Yes framework7 has more ui components and giving best user experience like searchbar, bottom sheet