Ionic team - improve web support and create more components

Hi, first of all, please someone from the ionic team reply on this topic, it’s important to me to hear your thoughts

Okay I really love ionic, I use it since beta v1. It most professional UI framework, but it has many lacks. My top lacks is web support and basic components.
For the example, I use quasar framework (vue.js UI framework, as ionic), and I actually made with it a big massive CRM! Which fits wonderful for desktop and mobile. I have very good layout system and all the components has mobile and desktop version that looks different.
With ionic, desktop app looks very much like big mobile app, and it’s not good, and there is not really layout system.
The another problem is components, there is so many basic components that missing in ionic and it’s terrible… Rich text editor, autocomplete, uploader input, stepper and more alot. And it’s so basic components that any UI framework today has it. What about swipeable tabs? The issue opened before 2 years.

I am sorry my post is a little emotional, but I really think that ionic development program thinks only about ionic as a company, product and not as a tool anymore.

I really want to choose ionic for my customers but I always choose quasar because it meats better my project requirements

Please take a see in quasar framework docs…