Two new UI components for Ionic


Hi all!
I’ve built two new UI components for Ionic: a Pull-up Footer and Side Tabs.
They are basically two ways to organize information on the screen that can be easily hidden/revealed as needed.
You can check them out here if you’re interested:

Would be great to get feedback if you see any issues/bugs on either platform. I’ve tested them on Android and iOS simulator so far and they seem to work quite well.



These should be ions, addable right from the CLI!

I tweeted these (see:

Thanks for doing this! It’s people like yourself that keep things like ionic getting better and better!


codernoel at codernoel dot com


Thanks @NoellyB76 for your kind words and support :smiley:


These are great @arielf! Great job and thanks for sharing it with all of us! :smile:


You should consider putting in the marketplace as a plugin.


Job well done! Should be added to the Ionic Market.


@fredpmc it is already available on the Ionic Market :grinning: