MongoDB to Firebase


Hi guys ! I am currently building an ionic 2 app to share and tag spots with the MEAN stack and I just discovered Firebase. Most of my backend is finished and for the app I still need to add theses features: Translation, Image upload, Facebook/Google Auth, Stats, Ads.
I am wondering how much work would it be to move to Firebase and if it would be worth it.

Thanks for you advices !


Hard to say whether it would be worth it in your case or not, but I don’t think either option is inherently better than the other.

They are both document based NoSQL databases, so your data structure can remain pretty much the same, but you would have to redo basically everything else. Unless you think Firebase is going to be a big benefit to your application, then it might not be worth the effort.


Thanks for your advice ! After messing around with it, I think I’m gonna make the switch.

By the way, I wanna say that you blog helped me a lot for creating my app. A big thank you ! :slight_smile:


we are in the process of going the other way for one of our clients, from Firebase to Mongo.

I guess the question I have is how much experience do you have with Firebase? Do you understand how firebase works? Do you have complex relationships with in your data set? Have you looked at the pricing model for Firebase?

I have used Firebase on some projects and on others we used our own API with MongoDB, but I strongly suggest that you try and model your whole data schema in Firebase and understand that it is different before you start down that path.


Would you mind sharing why? My understanding of Firebase is that it’s good for social networking interaction, like commenting and chat, but poor for high-data transfer like streaming video. Would you agree with that? Interested in your experiences.


I think it all comes down to understanding how to structure your data to create all of the features you want… I am not saying it cannot be done, but I think you said you just “discovered” Firebase and what I am suggesting is to validate the technology meets all of your requirements and your team’s capabilities before switching.

All of the features you are trying to implemented can also easily be implemented in the tech stack you have already started with.

check out the firebase videos


Thanks for the reply. I hadn’t posted on this thread before, so you’re probably thinking of someone else. But I probably qualify as almost-new. I’ve read the Firebase API, and I have a project that interacts fairly well with it, but I chose Firebase because I read the documentation of a few different back end services, and thought Firebase was the best fit. Purely done through abstract decision, no real-world experience with any backend service.

As long as your concerns aren’t along the lines of, “It isn’t performant,” or, “The docs say one thing, but Firebase does something different,” then I think I’m ok.


you are correct, it was the original author of the post @tchinou1 who said recently “discovered”


Finally, I decided to stay with MongoDB because of the geo query that much more powerful. Thanks for your help !