Choose firebase backend for next project?


Hi, I am reseach tech for next project.

About my application: this is a app uber-like for food, user can order food via it.
I choose ionic2 for mobile developer.
Can anyone sugest for me a db, server backend?
Such as Firebase, Meteor, feathersjs,…

Thanks so much!!!


I’m currently in the research stages for my project as we and it looks it it essentially comes down to the kind of project and what it’s needs are. I found this: which is a pretty good comparison between FB and Meteor.


We just finished our first project with Firebase (with angularfire2)

  • Tight integration with Observables
  • Fast, automatic refresh of data
  • Offline capabilities

We spent lots of time for:

  • Finding good data structure, since redundancies are necessary
  • Writing code for data updates because of the redundancies
  • Limited query possibilities, which impacts again the data structure

Summary for Firebase:

  • Good for chat-like apps where you keep adding data, need to refresh data often and to update data almost never