Modal Headers not showing in Ionic2 beta.7

Hi Ionites

After upgrading to beta.7 the headers (ion-navbar) in all the pages that are opened as modal do not show (iOS and Android). If I open the same pages with nav.push everything is fine. With code inspect I could notice that in the modal way the ion-navbar tag is not injected in the code…

Is anyone else experiencing this? Did I miss something after going to beta.7

The way I am using to open the modals is as follows (it worked fine in beta.6):

let modal = Modal.create(PAGE, {data :});

The problem is present in the ionic serve tool and also in the iOS emulator through Xcode. I assume that the same happens in an android phone.

Thanks in advanced!

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Hi, I am experiencing the same thing with Beta 7.

Same here, no nav bars…

It is a known issue, please track here


Yep, this is a known issue. We have a PR in the works to get this fix, so expect to see this soon :grin: