Ionic Modal Buttons Only Work Sometimes

I have tried to fix this issue by switching to the nightly version of ionic. But when I do I lose the menu bar on my header and my content does not display on the actual page. I know it is because of differences in the bundle, but they are around 50k lines and I don’t know which parts are effecting them in this way. When I use my current version my routing and content display is perfect, but my modal windows some times do not allow me to use the buttons. Such as close in the top nar bar or buttons in the actual content. I would love some feed back, my last post did not get any and I am running out of time for debugging this problem. Next step would be to dismantle and reincarnate the app on a fresh version switching pieces in one at a time. Thank you so much for your time and have a great day.

could you create a codepen to show an example of your code?