Ion-navbar missing after upgrade to beta.10

After upgrading to beta.10 the ion-navbar no longer appears on any page in the app. Went back to beta.9 which was working before but no luck. Anyway I am back on beta.10 and am at a loss to understand why it will not appear. Fails in ionic serve and emulate.

Hi @wkande, if you read the migration docs carefully, you would have noticed that you should perform some changes to your HTML structure. Every navbar should be wrapped in an ion-header instance for example and you should also remove the *navbar in every ion-navbar. Good luck!

Thanks, I checked the GitHub release page and somehow spaced out the To much at once I guess. Works well and thanks again for the help.

You didn’t space out, the beta 10 changelog was not included in the beta 10 release:

You can actually find it over here. Little bit hard to find…

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