Mobile Web documentation for Ionic 1.2

We’re very excited about the news that Ionic 1.2 now supports mobile web. However, we couldn’t find any documentation about how to do this. If someone knows where we could find his, we’d be very appreciative.


What browsers do you support and how to build for browser.

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I look forward to know about it too. When will the 1.2 doc be published?


Same here, looking forward to learn more about mobile web and plugins

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Waiting for Components library to have updated code of 1.2
(Below Link)

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It looks that Ionic docs is updated to version 1.2 but there are no mentions about mobile web.

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This is what I was coming here to ask as well. Specifically if there is a build process for mobile web.

Has there been any more info released about this yet? I can’t find information anywhere :frowning:

can someone from the ionic team shed some light on this? Is this even real?

How does one build a mobile website with ionic 1.2? I can’t find any official guides/tutorials/docs.

This is an excerpt from a post on the ionic blog announcing ionic 1.2 release:
Ionic 1.2 marks the first release where we actively recommend Ionic for those looking to build a mobile website (not just an app for the app store)

There are two ways to achieve this.

First is to use cordova build browser and use that output. Make use of the merges folder to serve different html for the browser

Second is to just serve your www folder as it is. Don’t forget the cordova.js will give 404 so you can go ahead and create a cordova.js with any pollyfils or other code you need .You will need to create a gulp build script to minify and concatenate all the assets.

From my experience it works well on chrome on android and safari on ios. Support for uc browser is also decent. This accounted for 90% of my request so didnt bother about others. There are issues in Android Browser (one in < 4.4). On firefox mobile too there are issues. As far as opera mini Angular doesnt work on opera mini at all.