Documentation for ionic build browser

I was not able to find official documentation.
I understand that is the same as but is it supporting Ionic2? I am seeing some problems with key bindings.

In other words - can we use Ionic 2 app in browser, served from web server?


Yes, we need the same information. There is not so many docs on how we build a BROWSER APP,
i think we have to run
ionic build browser --prod
But after that? what we have to do?
Have we to do this only if we want to build the app with cordova plugins or what is the right way?

Tueh build created by build browser is probably under
\platforms\browser\www … but what if we wan’t to build the app without cordova plugins and without PWA support but minified and others to keep the app as small as possibile and as fast as possible

@vlados did you found some solution for it?

@mhartington can you help us or write some documentation or blog about, how to deplay an browser app to web server?


I get:

$ ionic build browser --prod
The build command has been renamed. To find out more, run:

ionic cordova build --help

But when I run help, there is no commands to build for browser anymore. So maybe the Ionic team has dropped support for building for browsers in production?

I tried with ionic cordova build browser --prod --release and it worked :slight_smile:

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In the time between the original posts and now the old ionic build command that uses Cordova in the background was moved to ionic cordova build. There is a new ionic build command not, that does different things (a PWA build without Cordova).

For what I now, you don’t should use ionic cordova build browser but you should do a simple
npm run ionic:build --prod

Cordova web plugins don’t seem to be included unless you do ionic cordova build browser --prod --release

I decided not to use the cordova browser platform because it does not seem to be officially supported.

So I use the WWW folder output built in prod mode for our PWA -

For each Ionic Native plugin that we use (and we use a lot!) we wrote equivalent web versions…

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@rodneyjoyce Did you think about putting that stuff on Github? I think the Ionic community might be very interested in using that as a starting point for improvements…

The source code is owned by QueMesa startup, so I cannot share it, however I would happy to answer any questions if I am able. To be honest, Ionic does of the heavy lifting!