Ionic 2 start new app question


hi, i’ll try to start new application, but ionic doesn’t like ionic2, i mean
there isn’t the app folder, the structure folder is:
any suggestion?


That’s normal, the code is now in the src folder.


Thank you but only in app start blank or also in app start sidemenu?


Me too.
The command ionic start appsname blank --v2 creates a structure that seems the one of ionic, not the one expected for ionic 2.
Question: when the structure of Ionic2 went back with the src folder?
Or question: which is the command to create a structure for ionic 2 now?


Do you have a file named ionic.config.json containing "v2": true? If so then you have a v2 project.

I don’t know when the src folder was introduced, but it’s there when I create a new project and everything works fine for me.


Thanks: I have that line, and actually it’s a true V2 project.

And I have focused on the new structure.
I wonder if there is not a way to keep itself informed about change of the beta/rc… suddenly things are different, and I find myself confused.


Please remember that Ionic2 is still pending significant changes, and this is normal before being released / declared stable.

But yes, there is a very good way to keep up with the changes, you can find all steps needed to update your environment and your app in the changelog here:
Make sure to look at the previous releases as well, if your environment is behind a lot.

You will want to also follow the blog, where all releases and fixes are announced, and those blog posts will point you to the changelog whenever that’s relevant.