Mime type of file undefined in IOS - a PSA

More of a PSA than anything else. Offering up a bit of advice if anyone is attempting to run up the hill of getting a mimetype on IOS.

I’ve been banging my head off the wall for… far too long let’s just say.

The story goes

 window.resolveLocalFileSystemURL(imageData, function(fileEntry) {
 	fileEntry.file(function(fileData) {
 }, errorCB); 

returns null…

here’s why:

in the throws of CDVlocalfilesystem.m

// can’t easily get the mimetype unless create URL, send request and read resp"onse so skipping

Any insight on the issue is welcome!

I’ve filed a feature request with the cordova file team, i’ll post back with any response.

Some links for fun:

On this specific cordova file plugin

Issue filed with cordova: