Ionic 3 mimeType


i’m having a lot of pain trying to find a way to get mimetype of a file with ionic3. It seem there is no way to get mimetype in the doc

I am opening a chooser tab, can get the file back, but there is nothing to get mimetype

  .then(() => {
      }).then((uri) => {
          return this.filePathFinder.resolveNativePath(uri)
      }).then((filePath) => {
          this.filePath = filePath;
          return this.file.resolveLocalFilesystemUrl(filePath)
      }).then((rslt) => {

////there is nothing related to mimetype in rslt


Any advice ? thanks

use this to get file details like file type,name,size etc…

          .then((response : any) => {
                 response.file(function (file) {
                    console.log("File Details",file)
            console.log('Something went wrong at file accessing')

Sorry for the late reply.
It works thanks. The mimetype is only based on the extension tho.
Having the size is nice