Migrate ionic 1

Hello I need to migrate my application that is in ionic 1 to a higher version, so I recommend to take it to 4 and not to newer versions because of the big changes, someone could help me with this, thank you very much

So i would always recommend to stay on the latest version possible (5 in that case). I never used ionic 1 but for the migration from 3 -> 4/5 i recommend to create a new project, copy page by page, class by class, test everything, adjust code according to docs, so that would be the best for you too

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You really can’t migrate from Ionic 1. It is based on AngularJS for one thing. The only option you have is to rebuild the app from the ground up. Before embarking on that. Spend a little time exploring how Ionic 5 is structured. Having that foundation will help you during the rebuilding.

Good Luck

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The best way will be to port you app’s Pages one by one. There are couple of libraries changed you can find the answer online or ask questions on this forum.

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thank you very much for your advice