Migration from Ionic V1 to latest version V4

Hello everbody,

i started using ionic no longer ago, I need your help please :slight_smile: my issue is about the first step to do when you start with an existing project ionic and what can i do to migrate project from old version to new version. So above more information about what i m talking about :slight_smile:

I want to modify an existing project ionic v1 but anyway to display the project in the browser? I m currently using ionic cli 4.12.0 and the project had used ionic v1

How can i know the version library of ionic or ionic cli (in the current project there is not information about ionic and the file ionic.config.json it not existing)
then i want to migrate this project to the latest ionic version (V4) can you please help me with some tips ?

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See: https://ionicframework.com/docs/building/migration#migrating-from-ionic-1-0-to-ionic-4-0-overview

As what your app is using, look in the package.json file for the version numbers

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Hi @ChrisGriiffith,

Thank you so much for you help, i will see that, do you know how much time need to migrate ?
Do you think will i change the majority code ? because there is a lot of difference beetween IonicV1 (AngularJS) and Ionic v4(Angular7)

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