Ionic Menu Button unable to open menu after navigate to the page with certain flow

Hi guys!

I have a page (called as A page) that contains 2 menus, one is on left side (open via menu button in page), another one is on right side (open via header component’s menu button).

The problem happens when I navigate to the page with this flow:
homepage > A page > B page > C page > A page

The left menu button will disappear with this flow. After doing some research, I add autoHide=‘false’ as the code shown below.

<ion-menu-button menu="leftMenu" autoHide='false' class="ion-no-padding" style="margin-bottom: 3px">

Then the menu button appear, but the button is not working, no action taken when I click it.
I tried to add toggle function in ts file and call the toggle function when user click the button, but still not working.

This problem will exists until I refresh the page.

Is there any way to solve this problem?

Updated: the menu button not working is due to A page menu is not removed when navigate away. When we navigate again to A page, the old menu and new menu on left side is overlapped tgt. As document mentioned, there is only one menu get activated in a time. So, the new menu is not working now.

Question: Is there any way to activate only the latest menu and deactivate the old menu?

I have tried to put below code in ionViewWillEnter()
this.menuCtrl.getMenus().then((menu) => {
if(menu.length > 2) {
menu[1].disabled = false
menu[2].disabled = true

the menu button is able to show but still not working when get clicked…