Media queries for targeting all android devices

I want to target android devices with media queries, Please share your media queries with me for targeting android devices.

As someone with lots of experience with responsive design I would say don’t throw in a bunch of different media queries for different devices. Add one when your layout starts to look like shit. Overdoing media queries makes your layout rigid.


@neb636 Thank you for your answer.
Because you are experienced designer, and I am beginner in this area can you help me about how can I test app in different sizes? Can I simulate android devices with desktop browser? How you test your app design in different size?
Thanks in advance.

Many people use Chrome DevTools emulation:

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As davidfrahm said Chrome dev tools are very helpful in seeing what something looks like in a specific screen sizes. My other word of advice is to use percents and the .col css classes ionic supplies you with when possible. This way no matter what the screen size the element will take up a percent of the screen and will not need as many breakpoints.

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