Mauron85 / cordova-plugin-background-geolocation

I’m a few days trying to use mauro’s plugin, it works perfectly if the app is minimized or open, but when “killing” the app the notification continues that the location is being tracked but nothing happens

My config

desiredAccuracy: 1,

  debug: false,

  startForeground: false,

  stationaryRadius: 1,

  distanceFilter: 1,

  stopOnTerminate: false, // enable this to clear background location settings when the app terminates

  notificationTitle: "bACK ",

  notificationText: "🌎 Estamos rastreando sua localização",

  interval: 3000, // <= example 2 seconds interval 

  // HTTP / SQLite config

  url: that.obterHostDaApi() + "testeBack/",

  batchSync: false,       // <-- [Default: false] Set true to sync locations to server in a single HTTP request.

  autoSync: true,         // <-- [Default: true] Set true to sync each location to server as it arrives.

  maxDaysToPersist: 1,    // <-- Maximum days to persist a location in plugin"s SQLite database when HTTP fails

  headers: {

      "Authorization": 'Bearer ' + localStorage.getItem("GOSAFE")


  params: {