Background tracking not updating location when app is minimized

I have an app which frequently need to update the location of the user every 15 minutes.
App works fine when it is open.
When app is minimized it doesn’t update the location properly. Did lot of research on this but ended up with no useful result.

I am using background geolocation plugin for background tracking.

Any help will be appreciated.

Which OS? Have you configured stopOnTerminate? startOnBoot? What does your app.component.ts look like? How far horizontally did you move the device after app was closed?

I use the paid version of this plugin. is the website. It works great! Support is great!

Hi @danieldugger thanks for the reply

let config = {
desiredAccuracy: 0,
stationaryRadius: 20,
distanceFilter: 0,
debug: false,
interval: 60000,
notificationEnable: false,
stopOnTerminate: false

above is the configuration i use.
and the processor is MIUI 10.3.2( Xiaomi)

I would strongly suggest visiting and reading the documentation. I tried the plugin you are using and decided to go right to the source. There have been a lot of updates and I honestly don’t know if the native wrapper has been updated to reflect the changes made in the plugin.

will the plugin works in the background when the app is minimized??

Yes, it will work in the background.

Thanks mate,
I will try to use it and let u know the results.

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@danieldugger I am able to get location in the device, but how to post the location to the backend.
Could you please help me in making the http post to backend.
I wasted 2-3 days on this.

Which plugin did you decide upon?

same one which you suggested.
I am able to get location but i dont know how to pass that data to my backend.

@danieldugger finally it worked perfect.
Thanks for the help mate.:slight_smile:

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