Background mode geolocation is not working

As per the documentation in Ionic documentation, I created android app using Ionic 3 with native background geolocation plugin.

But it is not working, when app goes to background. I tried with all the options as well as using “@ionic-native/background-mode” plugin. Still I am not getting the Geo response in background.

Plugin Used: cordova-plugin-mauron85-background-geolocation

My Code:

const config: BackgroundGeolocationConfig = {
      desiredAccuracy: 0,
      stationaryRadius: 20,
      distanceFilter: 5,
      debug: false,
      interval: 3000,
      stopOnTerminate: false,

this.backgroundGeolocation.configure(config).subscribe((location: BackgroundGeolocationResponse) => {

Kindly help me to resolve this issue.


I’m getting the same issue. Did you resolve this?

This open issue in github. Will track this.