Material Floating Button

Hello… how do I merge this component to ionic framework ?
this is a floating action button menu…


add angularjs material library
have a look on this link

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does this works if I run on real Android device sir ? :smile:

yep it w’ll work on android as well as on ios

wow thanks … ill try it to work :smile:

@nitishrajput01 Would you be so nice and point me toward an open project that uses both Ionic and Angular-MaterialDesign? I do understand it should work but need some hands on experience/code.

try new library ionic+material
download code from this site all you need can found here

Hello guyz… I use FAB menu
But when I run it to a real device… the dragging wont work… How do I fix this ?
The directive uses Gesture provider…

don’t set the mfb-menu div in the ion-content ,place it to the ion-view it will work :wink:

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