Floating button menu In Ionic


Hi Guys,

Has someone already created Floating buttons menu on clicking a floating action button on Ionic? It would be great if someone could share the code to make this component. I had the idea of modifying Ionic Action sheet(mutable) and creating floationg buttons menu. It would be a bit of css3 love here :wink:

Thanks in advance!!

How to make a plus button on the bottom right of the screen?

I found this interesting CSS3 buttons menu.


It would be nice to have this open after FAB click :wink:



I used FAB menu
But the drag wont work on mobile…
Is there a way to fix this ?


Very simple to use


how did you manage close action when click outside of


how can we do this please ???


how can we use in ionic 2?


Ionic2 have fabButton component


unable to install it using npm
npm install ion-floating-menu


Hi you can use this Ionic 2 Fab Menu Radial arc scrolling


Hi guys I don’t how much it will help you but i had a situation to implement it using ionic 2 so just am posting what i did Ionic 2 Fab Menu Scrolling


I had faced the same problem but resolve using the crosswalk :sunglasses: