Dragable floating label/button how?

I want to make a button like fab. But I want to make it dragable so that user can position it in any position. How can I do that ?

You could implement drag and drop directive. And use this directive for fab button.

I tried to find about drag-drop. But in Ionic2 I did not find any such directive. I searched in google, and many other pages. But failed. On blog says about using native drag-drop plugin. Finally I failed. Thnk for ur reply.

What about use google search? :slight_smile:
Or you could write it yourself. It’s not hard.

:slight_smile: brother, I tried hard, but failed :frowning:

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do you have any solution for this :slight_smile: ?

Any progress on this? Any help would be highly appreciate.

i found this documentation and its quite great https://www.joshmorony.com/building-an-absolute-drag-directive-in-ionic-2/