Mark Topics in Discourse Forum as Read

I’m finding myself very frustrated with the Ionic forum. I have to open a topic over and over to get it to updated the read status. I have to visit the same topic once for every posting just to have the item appear as “read” in the list of topics.

Sometimes, even opening the topic doesn’t make the topic appear as “read”. I sometimes have to scroll and tap around on the page to make it considered “read”.

Anyone else having this trouble? It’s very tiresome. Any way to just hit a button and mark the whole thread as “read”?

Tried in Chrome, Canary, and Safari.

Wow. Had to try the title about 5 times to get it 30 characters long.

@Calendee Sorry to hear this. We’ve been coming to some of the same conclusions as you, and plan to start tweaking some of the (quite restrictive) default Discourse settings soon. Hopefully we’ll find a good medium very soon!

We are going to do a bigger update to a new Discourse version this week which will hopefully solve some of these annoying issues. Thanks for hanging in there @Calendee!