Feature Request for the Forum

As many of the posts on the form are question or people reporting issues, it’s becoming clear (to me at least) that there should be some sort of way to mark a post as a question with/without an answer.

Similar to stack overflow, if someone has an issue they are reporting or trying to debug an error, once resolved, they should have an option some where to mark the post as “Solved” or “Answered” This way, as people going through the forum, they can clearly identify if a problem/issue has been taken care of and better find answers to any problems that they may have.

Is this possible using Discourse?

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It would be really nice to have this. It’d also be great if Discourse didn’t constantly show posts you’ve reviewed over and over and unread. Actually, they aren’t “unread”, but the link doesn’t change from Dark to light until you’ve opened it a few times.

You know I never even noticed that it grayed the post once you read them! But now that you pointed it out I do notice it, but some how only on chrome? I’m on safari now and it’s working fine

I’d say the best place to post these sentiments are over at meta.discourse.org, they’re usually very open to ideas and quick to respond.

EDIT: Seems it’s been brought up: https://meta.discourse.org/t/how-do-you-mark-a-topic-as-solved-do-we-do-that-on-discourse/7082