Change username. Is it possible

Hi everyone. I write here because I don’t know where is the best place. I need to change my ionic forum username. Is It possible?

You should be able to change it from Appflow Dashboard as long as your account doesn’t use SSO.

Note that it affects all ionic websites that have login, not just the forum

Not works. I changed my username but in the forum I can’t see any change

Hi, are you trying to change the following?

I want change it. lsantaniello is current nickname

Hey, can you try this?

What is Meta Discourse. I never seen it. I must login? I tried on Appflow Dashboard

You do not have to log in in MEta Discourse. This ionic forum is based on Discourse (I mean, this software we are using to write our posts right now). So the idea is you follow the instructions.
In other words:

Thanks very much for your support but I already changed my name here: