Make Ionic Pro compile for iOS with 'Require Full Screen' option false and all the orientation options true

I’m trying to use the Ionic Pro service as my build platform for ionic-v3 and v4 apps but it doesn’t seem to matter what keys I add to my .plist file for over-the-air installation, the produced .ipa files give me apps that don’t work with iOS Split Screen. In all the other forum posts and stack overflow items I can find for this the recommendation is simply to build in XCode and make sure all the orientation options are selected (including upside-down) and make sure ‘Requires Full Screen’ is false.

I borrowed a Mac and indeed, compiling it this way fixed my issue.

Unfortunately, the whole reason we are using Pro is because we don’t own Macs with which we can do this sort of thing. Is it possible to put settings in config.xml or somewhere that will govern this build behaviour?