Config.xml ios project in Xcode settings

I’ve noticed in my config.xml following :


When I compile my project and open the xcode project in Xcode I see

version : 0.0.3
build : 0.0.3

So I can assume the entry I made in my xml prefilled the version AND the build. Is there a way to specify the version and build separately?

Also … in Xcode I can check “portrait” mode, but everytime I compile my project (with ionic build), the checkbox gets unchecked. Is there a way to specify this in my config.xml?

You can change the version and build manually in Xcode build settings. Also add this to your config.xml:

<preference name="orientation" value="portrait" />

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Yeah … but each time I do ionic build ios … the version and build changes back to what I defined in the config.xml … for example


I’ve tried something like


but no luck … the orientation work perfectly … thanx

Yeah I basically had to manually change it on Xcode every time I wanted to deploy a new build.