ionic.Platform.fullScreen() not working on single iOS device


Fullscreen is working fine on both Android devices I’ve tested and on 4 of the 5 IOS devices I’ve tested, bot not on the 5th.

I have
In my side menu’s controller (is there a better place for it?) and when I place a breakpoint on that line, it does execute when the app is loaded, no clicking required.

The device it is not working on is a iPhone 6S Plus running IOS 9.2.1.

Here’s a screenshot showing the black sides because the app is not fullscreen.


Any suggestions what’s wrong or what else I need to do to get it fullscreen on all devices?



Did I not provide enough information? Does anyone have any suggestions for me?


Turns out I didn’t have all the splash screens required for IOS. Adding all the splash screens in as per the Phonegap documentation solved this:

black gaps on ios 9