Make Android and iOS ionic app to open an already published website

I have a website developed in AngularJS, I do not have the time or budget for mobile app development. I want to make use of the Ionic framework to make an app for Android and iOS that will simply open my website in it.

Can this be achieved? If yes, please guide me.

Create app with one page.
In Html add Iframe with your site url

<iframe style="width:100%;height:100%" src=""></iframe>

Thats it.

Thank you!
But when I use the emulator, it works fine for Android, but there is a permanent white screen in case of iOS.
Any help?

Try to change iframe width and height to px instead %
You can get screen full size with Platform
In your ts file

screenSize:any = {
  width: 0,
  height: 0
constructor(private platform: Platform) {
  this.screenSize.width = this.platform.width();
  this.screenSize.height = this.platform.height()

Then Html file

<iframe [style.width]="screenSize.width + 'px'" [style.height]="screenSize.height + 'px'" src=""></iframe>