Lost all files, all left is android folder inside Platforms

Hi guys,

it happens that I lose all my project folder all I kept left is the android folder in side platforms “myProject/platforms/android” that’s the only one I have now, and I can generate apk with it using android studio … but I want my project folder back so I can modify in it using ionic code etc …

is there any way I can generate a project folder from this Android folder ?

Sorry to hear. When you are done reading about version control, you can look for the www folder for some bits. Unfortunately, all your ts files will have been processed into ES5 and merged into one file. The same for any SASS. Your HTML will have been converted into inline templates. Wish there was a better answer.

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Well pretty fair answer … I gotta start using git :frowning: … and I really feel so bad for that, Losing this project costs me a client lost.

thanks buddy for ur answer.

Bitbucket offers free repositories - no more excuses.

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