Looking for Design & Develop Dry Cleaning App

Looking for developing a dry cleaning app according to the current market trends and tech stacks.

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hi there and welcome,

are you looking to hire someone, then better to flag the category under “jobs”.

or are you looking for technical guidance to develop yourself? Then it will help a lot what you have researched so far and share some key requirements so various people in the community can chip in.




Okay Tom. Thanks for sharing, let me post it in the jobs.

Hello @jammyshan

did you get any help?

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No still i didn’t get any help @Martin311994

can we connect at martin@consultantsfromasia.com @jammyshan

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Hello @jammyshan ,

I would be glad to assist you.

To discuss further in detail kindly reach me at garry@cisinlabs.com or Skype me: cis.garry

Looking forward for your response.



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Moved it to jobs section

Maybe you get more responses

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Hello @jammyshan,

I can help you in developing the app.

Please reach me on skype or email.

Kind Regards
skype id: live:.cid.e0656fece75456e6 | Ph: +13478093381

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Hi @jammyshan
Hope you are doing good and thanks for posting the requirements

As I am 6 years of experienced in developing and designing the applications and lets discuss more on the details on the requirements

Please reach me out at james@techsolvo.com or skype : live:.cid.5d84ea4cc30159b8

Thanks & Regards

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Hi!! I’ll be glade to participate and help you.
Please, contact me at lucioteles@stacktecnologia.com.br


Hey @jammyshan

Still looking for dry cleaning mobile app?
I can help. Reach me me out at olivia.j@appslobby.com

Thanks !

Hi jammy, Its an innovative idea to update traditional business to a digital one. All the best for your venture.

First off,

Streamlining the laundry process and keeping your consumers informed about the progress of their clothes is a terrific idea.

When developing a cleaning app, keep the following aspects in mind:

1. Simple sign-up process: You’ve built a cleaning app and are eager to get people to use it. Make the sign-up procedure as clear and straightforward as possible to encourage users to use the laundry app.

2. Provide clients with information: Don’t presume that users will know what to do with the laundry app. You should provide them with the information they require. Provide them with simple instructions and advice to help them feel comfortable using the washing app.

3. Simple navigation: Navigation in laundry applications is rather different. The majority of them have a basic interface and navigation, but some have a more sophisticated and difficult to comprehend interface. Make the user interface of your laundry app as simple as possible so that your users can utilise it quickly.

4. Offering loyalty customers incentives: There’s nothing like getting a prize for cleaning the laundry. Make sure that your laundry app allows clients to earn points or incentives for using it.

I hope these suggestions are useful. However, if you want individual advice on how to make your laundry business app, You can ask me. Good day.

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Thanks, Lewis for listing out the essential things to be included in the laundry service. I have a doubt, many people are suggesting me to go with uber for laundry. is it worth to go with a pre-developed app like uber for laundry?

No @jammyshan
it’s better to custom your requirement and develop a complete new app.

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Hai @Martin311994 , Can you please explain to me in-detailed why I should prefer to develop a new app rather than the pre-developed app? Because many pre-developed apps have integrated the exact tech stacks and features that I want.

The rapid rise of ride-hailing startup Uber has prompted lots of new entrepreneurs to open Uber-style businesses and examine the strategy more closely. The laundry business was no exception. The global market for on-demand laundry is estimated to reach $113 billion by 2027.

If you are into mentioning clone apps as pre-developed apps, then my suggestion would be a yes, If you have a budget constraint & a time frame.

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Okay charles thanks. Let me know, if you any trustable uber clone app developers in the market.

But developing a custom new app would cost higher aren’t they? i have also researched and get to know that clone apps are effective for the budget and they really work well.

let’s have a call
my skype: Join conversation