Login text field is unresponsive to both the software and hardware keyboar

Hi all :slight_smile:
With a bunch of frends we made an ionic app and submited it to the famous Apple Review process. And… we got rejected… and the response of the review is dificult to understand, that’s why I post this message.

Here is the complete Apple Review response:

We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPhone running iOS 9.1 on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

The login fields did not take input from the keyboard. (hardware or software) Login was not possible.

We are unable to fix this error simply because we tested our app on every single version of iphones (all with IOS9) and we never had this bug, we are able to login with out any problem.
Long web searches for clues didn’t helped us…
If anyone had the same issues and was able to fix it, we would love learn the sollution :slight_smile: because we are stuck with a completly finished app on the doorstep of the AppStore and we can’t figure this out :frowning:

Here is the code of the modal that contain the field:

<ion-modal-view class="content-login" >
  <ion-header-bar class="header-bar-login" ng-show="!imagelog" >
    <div class="image-connection-div" >
      <img class="image-connection" src="img/models/logo.png">
    <div class="buttons button-close-pop">
      <button class="button button-clear" ng-click="closeLogin(false)">Fermer</button>
  <div >

  <div class="logo-signin">
  <img src="img/models/logo.png">

    <form name="loginn"ng-submit="doLogin()">
      <div class="list signin-list">
        <label class="item item-input background-login top-login" >
          <span class="input-label color-login">Email</span>
          <input type="text" ng-model="loginData.username" class="login-pseudo" required>
        <label class="item item-input background-login">
          <span class="input-label color-login">Mot de Passe</span>
          <input type="password" ng-model="loginData.password" class="login-pwd" required>
        <label class="item background-login signin-login">
          <button class="button button-block button-log" type="submit" ng-disabled="loginn.$invalid">Se connecter</button>


Thank you in advance (sorry for my english :slight_smile: )