iOS Keyboard not working

Hello everyone,

I submitted my first ionic application for review to the App Store.

Basically, Apple rejected the review because they couldn’t login to my application. They said that when they tap on the username textfield, the keyboard doesn’t show up (They provided a screenshot and I have noted that they are using a simulator for testing).

I have a lot of back and forth messages whit them, where I try to explain that there is an option in the iOS Simulator to toggle the iOS Keyboard, or another option to disconnect the Hardware Keyboard.

They replied to me that it still not working.

Honestly, I am not sure they followed the Keyboard steps. As far as I know, it works as expected on phisical devices, and in iOS Simulator when you toggle the keyboard.

Is there any solution, or another way to tackle this problem?

I’m experiencing the same exact issue and have been sending messages back and forth to Apple Review for the last two days.

@mhartington are there any tips or issues with the keyboard plugin that we should be aware of when submitting apps to Apple?

Please, let me know if you find any solution on this topic. Its driving me crazy.

@BrianKanelson @tlaverdure

Hey, I’m having the same issue, I submitted my app, and they told me they couldn’t log in because the keyboard doesn’t pop up.

Does anyone have a solution for this problem please?

I’m on Ionic 4.

More details:

We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad running iOS 12.1 on Wi-Fi.
Specifically, we were unable to type login credentials/registration details as the app is unresponsive.

The only thing that worked for me was schedule a call with the apple team. After some days a a member of their team called me and tested it during the call.

Apparently, the problem was that they tested the application in an iPad using an EXTERNAL keyboard connected. When they plugged of the external keyboard it was working just fine.


It was something else in my case, I was using input fields instead of ion-input fields (because they work better with lastpass and chrome pass filling) but it seems like they don’t work well with iOS.

Just in case anyone has the same problem, that’s the solution!

i’m facing problem closer to that issue … the keyboard doesn’t type any thing in the input fields

Which Ionic version are you on?

If you’re on Ionic 4 then make sure you’re using ion-input fields and not input fields

I’m using ionic 3 and using ion-input also
if you can help me I will be thankful :tired_face: I’m facing this issue for 3 days and can’t find a solution

can any one here help my I’m stuck for three days in this issue

iOS keyboard not working? Do you know why it exactly happens? If not, you just try some methods one by one.
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To fix the keyboard on the iOS devices, you could check out this article to get some solutions, which helped me a lot a few days ago.