Local notifications help needed

I am trying to use Local Notifications to set a time, and have the app give a notification at this time every day. I am quite new to coding and I am really struggling to get my head around this.

My code is -


    let year = new Date().getFullYear();
    let month = new Date().getMonth();
    let day = new Date().getDate();
    let alertTime = new Date(year, month, day, 18, 32, 0, 0);

      title: "Test",
      text: "Test text",    
      trigger: { 
        every: ELocalNotificationTriggerUnit.MINUTE,
        firstAt: alertTime

I have looked online and have seen some examples that show to do it this way. However instead of the notification triggering every minute at the set time, it goes off first about one minute after this time, then every second until I stop it.

What am I doing wrong?