Local notification every 5 minutes

hello every one
i have problem when i use local notification every 5 min but no notification get so where is the problem here:

                  text: ' anything  ',
                   trigger: { every: { minute: 1 }, count: 500 }, => not working 
                   // trigger: {at: new Date(new Date().getTime() + 3600)}, => work fine 
                   led: 'FF0000',
                   sound: null

thanks so much

Cordova Plugin Local Notifications Trigger

Im pretty sure its works something like this

Or relative from now:

    title: 'Design team meeting',
    //trigger: { in: 1, unit: 'hour' } // fire in one hour
    trigger: { in: 5, unit: 'minute' } //fire in 5 mins
   /*trigger: {
        every: {
            hour: 15, //3pm
            minute: 25, //3:25pm

Also I was having problems with LocalNotifications working in general on a device; it was firing immediately when scheduled

I was reading somewhere in the cordova or ionic issues/forums (cant find it, will edit when I do) that said that LocalNotifications only works properly in a release build .apk/.ipa, so that might be part of the problem too

Working absolutely fine.

trigger: { in: 5, every: ‘minute’ }

I have issues when i set ‘minute’ for every key.

Hello there,

Probably late with this, but I was able to trigger notification in interval by following code.

trigger: { in: 5, every: ELocalNotificationTriggerUnit.MINUTE }