LocalNotifications trigger every day at certain time

Hello, get the input values from the user (hour and minute) and i want to trigger a notification everyday at the users input time.I run it on a real android device.Can you help?

I use timer for the users input

change(timer) {

let i = 1;

var hs = timer.time.slice(0, 2);
var mins = timer.time.slice(3, 5);.

//To make them number.
var hours = +hs;
var minutes = +mins;

var displayDate = new Date();

if (timer.toggle === true) {


    id: i,
    title: 'Hey',
    text: "Time to train again!",

    trigger: { firstAt: displayDate, every: { hour: hours, minute: minutes } }



With the code above the notification fires immediately.