Local-notifications based on calling a function once a day

Hello everyone,

I am working on an app which can store different items (every item contains a title as well as an expiration date) and store these via local-storage on the device. My goal is to calling a function once a day (e.g. 6 am.) that will check if there are items with an expiration date less than five or exactly zero days and if so, the app should fire a notification with these items.

I already implemented the local-storage and am able to get the number of days left to the expiration date (when the app is running). I like to use the Capacitor local-notifications for this task and was looking for some background operation because the notifications need to be fired even if the app is closed.

I was trying to solve this just with the local-notifications but there will be some days without firing a notification so that I am not able to just implement a daily notification. I also read something about the Ionic-Background-Mode but wasn´t able to find a way for calling a function once a day at a specific time.

Has anyone of you some advice or any ideas for solving my problem?

Thanks in advance.