Dynamic conditional notifications

in my app I use sqlite to save items with a date and I need, everyday, to check if there are items from db with “date = today” and if there are, show a notification with a custom message, also if app is not running.

My idea at this time is to create a local notification at item date when it is created and, if a notification at that date already exists, the system will update it editing the badge and the text. The (boring) problem is that I want allow user to choose how many days before show the notification, so if he choose 3 days, I have to delete all notifications and recreate them changing the dates.

To avoid this, I thought to create an interval at every hour in background mode to check items, but I read that in latest versions of iOS apps in background are limited and I think the timer would take a bit of memory of the phone.

What do you think is the best approach?
Anyway, I would use local and not push notifications because the app has offline support and the “online” one is only to save data in the cloud.

Hi, did You find the way to do that because I have the same problem :confused:

I’m just scheduling them at the specified date and, when a I remove the item from database, I refetch all the items of that day, remove current notifications of that day and reschedule them. It sucks, but works

OK, can You share Your code with me how did You do that?
I have found this post by searching https://www.joshmorony.com/getting-familiar-with-local-notifications-in-ionic-2/
here is explained somehow how to do that, but I would like to see how did You do that.