Loading <video> with ng-src not working on device?

I am trying to load a video on a page with:

<video id="sermon_video_player" controls="controls" poster="{{imageDir+selectedSermon.MediaVideo.preview}}">
<source ng-src="{{DOMAIN+'/play/vid/'+selectedSermon.MediaVideo.id+'/play.mp4'}}" type="video/mp4" />

I’ve tried it with and without the poster… with src and ng-src. If I hard code the URL of the video in, it plays fine.

It works fine in the browser.

Any ideas why the video won’t play loaded this way?

Thanks in advance.

To my knowledge, most Android versions have trouble with the video tag. You’d be better off with iframes and embeds.


Funny enough, I had this same problem very early on…

So, If I’m just using a reference to an mp4 on a CDN, can I make the iframe ng-src THAT url?

Ok, so that link you gave had the answer that worked PERFECTLY:

app.filter('trusted', ['$sce', function ($sce) {
    return function(url) {
       return $sce.trustAsResourceUrl(url);

Then specify the filter in ng-src:

<video controls poster="img/poster.png">
   <source ng-src="{{object.src | trusted}}" type="video/mp4"/>

Thank y’all so much!