Youtube iframe not showing in beta1


Since I updated my app to beta1 the embedded videos stopped showing (the iframe tag is still there, but without content) on mobile (Android and iOS), but still load correctly in web via Chrome. BTW, I am using ng-src with $sce.trustAsResourceUrl().

Any idea what could be causing this? It was working perfectly up to the update, so it should have something to do with that.


How are you loading the videos? Via http or https? I remember another user having some issues with angular when he was trying to load embedded videos with https. Would you mind sharing some code?


I stumbled upon that thread and changed the url from http to https, with the same result. I also tried running $sceProvider.enabled(false) in the app module and found no difference.

Which code would you be interested in? The specific iframe tag is:

<iframe ng-switch-when="video" ng-src="{{trustSrc(premium.value)}}" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

where “premium.value” is a Youtube embed URL and trustSrc(src) = return $sce.trustAsResourceUrl(src);