Is Deploying a Live Update a free feature of Ionic?


I’ve been following the tutorials/guides online and I seem to be stuck at the part where I can’t Build native binaries for iOS or Android in the cloud unless I upgrade my plan.

Is there another way of using the Live Deploy feature and uploading my own binaries from my local machine?

You can do code pushes once the app is installed. Meaning you’ll need to build the native binary on your machine, but with the code deploy plugin installed.

Deploy is just focused on the live updates of web assets.

Is there a guide/documentation on how I can use my locally-built binaries to work with Live Update?

I mean it would be a matter of installing the appflow skd

And connecting your app.
From there you’d build the native binary on your end (with xcode/android studio).
Once you push new updates to appflow, the web assets can be downloaded on the fly.

I have added AppFlow SDK according to the link below. In what file/location should I be inserting the Angular code snippet?

Well you might not need that if you are using the Auto method. The API is only needed if you have entered “none” as the option. If you just copied the stuff from the docs, you should be good to go.

That is where it gets confusing. I am using the auto method and made a commit to the dashboard.

It just seems like I can’t use Live Deploy because it requires me to upgrade my plan (even for testing).

You seem to be looking at the incorrect place.

Look under the deploy sidebar.

I have done that as well and I get to a page looking like this:

I have made several commits already too:

There just doesn’t seem to be any way for me to deploy a Live Update without first upgrading my plan.

From our team…

He needs to run a web deploy build first
He can deploy that build at the time of the build or later on the deployment tab
He cannot deploy commits
Ne needs to build the assets first
Basically what is described here
There is a gif showing the entire process

IE: You need to do a web build

I was not aware that I had to do a web build first before I could use it for my iOS and Android devices.

I just tried it out and the build failed because my Ionic app is in a subfolder, frontend/. Is it possible to specify that or does Ionic only look at the top-level directory?

├── backend
└── frontend
    ├── android
    ├── angular.json
    ├── capacitor.config.json
    ├── e2e
    ├── ionic.config.json
    ├── ios
    ├── node_modules
    ├── package-lock.json
    ├── package.json
    ├── src
    ├── tsconfig.json
    ├── tslint.json
    └── www