Live Update does not work on iPad OS 15.4

Our customers reported that they do not receive live update on latest iPad OS (15.4). I tested and confirmed that:

  • installed the app on iPad OS 15.2 and got the Ionic live update in 20 seconds automatically
  • upgrade to iPad OS 15.4 and repeated the same but this time didn’t get the live update even after a couple of hours wait

Is there any known restriction in iPad OS 15.4 that blocks live update? or is there any specific setting required to get that working on latest iPad OS?
I’m assuming same thing might happen to phone iOS update too.

Hi @Farko,

Updating cordova-plugin-ionic to the latest version should fix this issue.

On a related note, this type of problem can also result from a deploy manifest file not being used in a project. For users experiencing a similar issue I recommend reviewing this documentation on this topic.

If the issue persists please reach out to Appflow support for further assistance. Thanks!