[Resolved] Live Updates not working on iOS since 2023-01-13

Hi all,
We’ve been using Live Updates for years and on 2023-01-13 in the afternoon (AEDT) they stopped working on iOS, but continues to work fine on Android. I’m looking for some assistance

The error logs in the app when attempting a live update show:

default	09:46:35.594410+1100	<AppName>	Task <UUID>.<0> summary for task success {transaction_duration_ms=1320, response_status=404, connection=2, protocol="http/1.1", domain_lookup_duration_ms=58, connect_duration_ms=955, secure_connection_duration_ms=717, private_relay=false, request_start_ms=1023, request_duration_ms=0, response_start_ms=1318, response_duration_ms=1, request_bytes=355, response_bytes=565, cache_hit=false}
default	09:46:35.594547+1100	<AppName>	[C2] event: client:connection_idle @1.319s
default	09:46:35.594907+1100	<AppName>	version is: 3.0.1
default	09:46:35.595515+1100	<AppName>	uuid is:
default	09:46:35.595695+1100	<AppName>	channel is: 21.7.2
default	09:46:35.595877+1100	<AppName>	JSON Error: (null)
default	09:46:35.596044+1100	<AppName>	Response: (null)
default	09:46:35.596273+1100	<AppName>	JSON: {
    error =     {
        link = "<null>";
        message = "The requested URL was not found on the server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again.";
        type = NotFound;
    meta =     {
        "request_id" = "<null>";
        status = 404;
        version = "2.0.0-sdlc-beta.0";
default	09:46:35.596501+1100	<AppName>	compatible: False
default	09:46:35.596606+1100	<AppName>	available: False
default	09:46:35.596705+1100	<AppName>	Refusing update due to incompatible binary version
default	09:46:35.596894+1100	<AppName>	update is false


  • cordova-plugin-ionic: v2.0.2 - URL: https://api.ionicjs.com; update method: none
  • Angular1 / Ionic v1

We understand these are old libraries, and we’re re-writing the app, but I’m looking for some assistance as to why it might have suddenly stopped working.

Interestingly I noticed https://api.ionicjs.com returns version 2.0.0-sdlc-beta.0 but when I navigate to that URL on my browser it returns a different version 0.1.dev1+g69a69e3.

# Browser output
{"error": {"link": null, "message": "404 Not Found: The requested URL was not found on the server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again.", "type": "NotFound"}, "meta": {"status": 404, "request_id": null, "version": "0.1.dev1+g69a69e3"}}

Thanks in advance!

Hi all,
We believe we’ve located the source of the issue and can reproduce it.

The AppFlow check-device API no longer works if there’s a trailing slash. We’ve reported it to Ionic Support to see if they will fix the issue.

WORKING API - returns 200

BROKEN API - returns 404


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Hey, thanks for the report. This issue has been fixed in production now!

Awesome. Thanks Shane and team! I can confirm it’s all working again.