List - Items now Clickable

I have a div with classes “list card” and below that div’s with class “item” that are now clickable in Salamander. Is there a way to disable the click on the item? It’s making the app look like those item’s are clickable with the style that gets applied during tap/click.


Yeah, I’ve encountered this issue too. It looks like you can fix this by changing the item element to <label>. Is this the correct way?

I’m not sure I understand. What do you mean they are now “clickable”?

They have a keypressed style.

I think what @davidemanske means is the lightgrey background an .item now has when you click on it. That wasn’t the case before.

I have a related problem. When you have a list and swipe / scroll through the list, the item where you placed your finger first gets the lightgrey background although we’re just swiping and not tapping / clicking on the item.

Compare that to the native email app. You have a list of items where you can swipe through the list without any highlighting and grey backgrounds. Only when you click on an email you’ll see the grey background.

Thanks for the clarification. Can y’all tell me which version of Ionic you using ? 0.9.26, 0.10.0, nightlies, or 0.9.27?

Don’t know about the others but I use 0.9.27.

Thanks for the info.

Here are samples that show the problem.

0.9.25 & 6 work properly :
Scrolling does not make the list item active.

0.9.27 :
Scrolling causes list items to get the “active” class.

I’ve opened Issue # 814 :

Thanks for pointing this out!

So there is some progress on this, but it will only be in the nightlies. See

See my comments in the Issue about how well it’s working.