Do not apply active state on "item" class from the latest alpha ? It breaks my code :(

We have a problem with the “item” class in active state with the latest ionic alpha.

As soon as I click on “item” section from my markup, the actual item background is greyed out for active state. It breaks a lot of lines of my html since I wrapped up some “logical” sections on UI by using “item” class.
Is it possible to not apply this “active” state for some particular cases from angular code or by using some css ricks ?

if I change “div” to “label” than everything “back to normal”, I do not like this solution, but seems like this would be easy work around for now:

<div class="bar bar-subheader bar-stable">        

<ion-content has-header="true" has-subheader="true" has-footer="true" scroll="true">         

    <label class="item">   <---- with <div> this item's area will be greyed out when active

        <div class="row" style="margin-bottom: 10px;">                                                 

        <div data-ng-repeat="day in details.dates">
			<div class="row"></div>


See this topic:

and the GitHub issue on it.

It’s fixed in the nightlies; but not anything lower.

I could save one day from my live… if I would ask earlier :smile:
Thank you so much !

@Calendee Hey I’m using Ui-Routers ui-sref-active="active" built in method for handling active links in a side menu. It catches the initial state change but after that it doesn’t.

Is it safe to assume that this is also covered in that issue?

i wanted to apply the active link with color. he recommends this. has anyone try this? I can’t get it to work.

I honestly don’t know at this point. Can you test and throw up a sample. As I removed all menus from my app a while back, I’m not very well versed on them anymore.