Dynamic List scroll / item selected

I made an Dynamic scroll list.
When I scroll the list it also highlights the item on which I started to scroll.
Is there a way to disable this? Because I think that it is not really user-friendly.

If you test the app on the phone, u will see it is no more highlighting the item.

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I tested it on Android & IOS. On both this is happening.

This is fixed in the nightlies but does not work properly in 0.9.27 and below. You’ll need to risk using the nightlies or wait for the beta.

i just tried this with the nightly and it’s also happening… cant this be fixed with a css override?

You have a sample that shows that not working?

This seems to work just fine : http://codepen.io/calendee/pen/ceqlj/

In the codepen the ionic bundle version is a nightly, and i’m not using the nightly for my project.
So I think it will be fixed with the next release.