List items are being highlighted when trying to scroll



I’m currently building my first app with Ionic (beta 14) and it has been very nice so far. However I’m encountering one issue I’d like to fix. When trying to scroll in a list, the first item that is touched before scrolling will often become highlighted. I think there should be a longer delay before highlighting an item in the ion-list. Does anybody know where/how I can change this?
Currently there is a big difference when comparing this behavior to the native ios/android scrollview.

I have seen apps that were built with Ionic that didn’t show this behavior, so it must be possible to fix this somehow…
Unfortunately all the starter apps and the frontpage app also have this issue.

The issue only appears if the webview is not scrolling before the first touch.

I’d be very happy if someone knew how to fix this, thanks a lot!



Sorry for pushing, but does anybody have a solution for this?

Thanks a lot!


Same issue for me, it works fine but it’s just a bit annoying to see elements highlighted when scrolling a simple list.


I got the same issue too. It doesn’t matter if I scrolled fast or slow, list elements will momentarily get highlighted. I wonder if having a really short touch delay of 100ms before highlighting the list element will help? Any idea how to apply this?


same issue, no solution still?


I see the exact same behavior as observed by Andreas. There are several threads claiming to have seen and fixed this issue, but it this issue is definitely observable. Any workarounds?


I would like to bump this, we are still seeing this issue


I’m having this error too


doesn’t seem like anybody is answering to this post, please let me know if you find out anything


I would like to bump this.


Same issue here. Very annoying. Too bad no one has a solution for this one :frowning: