Ionic list >> details page // specific item

Hi there,
i’m trying to build a detail page loading more details from after a list page
the problem is
its something like this example on pakct book packt bookstore app demo // in this case they use server database
i’m looking just for a page showing the Json of a unique element

> <ion-view view-title="Home">
>     <ion-pane ng-controller="HomeController">
>       <ion-content id="rssbackground">
>         <ion-list class="podcastfeed">
>           <span ng-repeat="post in posts track by $index">
>             <a class="item item-thumbnail-left item-text-wrap" ng-href="#/app/home/{{homer.title}}">
>               <img src="img/podcast1.jpg">
>               <h2>{{post.title}}</h2><h3>{{ $index }}</h3>
>               <p>{{post.content | limitTo:180}}{{ post.content.length > 180 ? '...' : '' }}</p>        
>             </a>
>           </span>
>         </ion-list>
>       </ion-content>
>     </ion-pane>
> </ion-view>

i don’t have an id so i saw someone using track by $index
but i’m with a problem on how i pick that specific part and make the next page load only the item i choose

<ion-view view-title="detail">
    <ion-pane ng-controller="HomerController">
        <ion-content id="rssbackground">
            <ion-list class="podcastfeed">
                <span ng-repeat="post in posts">
                <a class="item item-text-wrap">

Well, i didn’t found any simple example of this yet
i believe it’s a simple thing that an amateur like me can handle
maybe a simple demo of this could help a lot of people

(i know my code is not right, thats because i was trying mix the few things i found about)

if you have anything to help i will be very happy

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